Enterprise Architects should just get over being precious about software

Yes all you EA’s get over yourselves 😜😎😇😀


Software is the fabric of the information age. It is eating the machine age. In the end it might even eat itself!Software is so successful, so pervasive, so adaptable that code, and the ability to code, are devaluing. Software is the commodity of our age and software development the occupation of the new working class.

Enterprise Architects should just get over being precious about software… and architecture, enterprise architecture, strategic planning etc.

Architecture is a metaphor that had relevance when software could be funded and managed like other capital investments.Software — unlike concrete, the fabric of capital investments — never ‘sets’.It is mostly open and freely shared. Software to do just about anything is a few clicks away for everyone with an internet connection.

Softwarenever goes to the presses, to be set in hot metal, to be printed on paper, for all time.When software made large capital…

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Dev stuff: Learning JavaScript? what now?

Dev stuff: Learning JavaScript? what now?

This past year I have put quite a bit of time into learning JavaScript so this blog that I found while I was on Xmas/NY holidays caught my eye – So, you learned JavaScript — now what?

Its a very well presented and thoughful blog about the things one should think about next once they have learned JavaScript.  I found quite a few good ideas to try next in the blog, namely:

  • not worrying about browers compatabilities (or rather lack there of)
  • moving from a console.log approach to development to a breakpoint approach for debugging (even though I still like to go to the console.log for learning new things)
  • Linting – I already use them in Atom and other development text editors I use
  • Publication and build processes and automation – this is the next one I want to learn to be proficient at
  • Contributing to projects – even if in a small way! Who’d have thought people would want my contributions, being pretty much a novice 🙂

I learnt something from the article, hope you do too! 😀

Mac: Wireless charging

Mac: Wireless charging

Interesting stuff that I came across while I was on Xmas/NY holidays – re wireless device charging

…sort of reminds me of Star Trek transporter technology, maybe that’s next 😉

CSS: You don’t need float?

CSS: You don’t need float?

While on Xmas holidays I came across this article – The State of CSS.

What caught my eye was the statement “You dont need float”. Wow, I must be really behind the CSS times, I thought float was still required.  Pennywise (the clown from IT will be disapointed 😉 )

What was even more stunning was the statement “You don’t need CSS”!! WFT??  I must have missed that memo 😀

The blog was written back in May 2017 and here I am finding out about it in Xmas/NY 2017/2018 – I need to upgrade my tech reading 😉

Hope this helps someone else as well, it a good blog and worth reading.

Spoiler alert…if you don’t want to click through to the full blog, here are the key points… Continue reading “CSS: You don’t need float?”

Google Drive: using Google Drive on macOS High Sierra

Google Drive: using Google Drive on macOS High Sierra

This past weekend I upgraded my MacBook Pro to High Sierra.  Overall the upgrade went smoothly but there was one surprise at the end of the process that I thought I’d blog about to possibly help others … Google Drive does not work with the new macOS filing system, APFS.  This article explains some of the detail – see Google Update and support for High Sierra

The fix is pretty easy, just download the new Google Update app, install and sync everything.

One tip I would offer is – make sure you check your new Google Update settings, I took the defaults and the new Google Update app backs up a lot more than was already on my Google Drive, re-syncing everything on my updated MacBook pro took quite a while on my modest home internet connection :-/

Apple: Apple TV and Apple Music

Apple: Apple TV and Apple Music

Make sure you have the latest Apple TV if you want to listen to your Apple Music on your Apple TV. Its all explained in this blog.

If like me you have an ‘old’ Apple TV, this is the key info you need to know…

How to AirPlay Apple Music to Older Apple TV Models

If you have an older Apple TV model then Apple Music is not supported on the device and you won’t find an app for it. You can stream music collections held on other Apple devices around your home using the Home Sharing feature, but if you want to listen to Apple Music tracks you need to stream them to your TV from another Apple device using AirPlay. You won’t be able to use your Siri Remote to control music playback, which you must manage directly on the device you’re streaming content from.

Here is how to AirPlay content from an iOS device:

Swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device screen to open Control Center, locate the AirPlay button at the lower middle right of Control Center, and choose to AirPlay music from that device through the correct Apple TV. Instructions to stream music via AirPlay to Apple TV from a Mac are available here.

What do you like most about Apple Music on Apple TV?

WordPress: inserting code examples in your blog

WordPress: inserting code examples in your blog

This will be a short and simple blog.  Just want to tell other people about something I came across and which I now use… inserting code examples in my blog entries.

I didnt think there was a simple solution for us free WordPress.com blog users but it turns out there is.  Its pretty basic, does not rely on plugins and … does the job 🙂

All you need to do is ‘wrap’ your code in the following tags


… where the … is in the opening tag you can also (optionally) include the language e.g. css would be

p {
    text-align: center;
    color: red;

For readability, I like putting the code in a separate parapgraph in your blog.

Simple huh? No special colour coding but it at least highlights that there is a block of ‘code’ for the reader.