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This post will explore why Webpack is the right choice for bundling your JavaScript application. If you’ve never used a build tool for your frontend assets, Webpack is a great place to start. /
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Read and learn 😀


Azure: Machine Learning

Azure: Machine Learning

Just a short post to promote a really nice ‘cheat sheet’ for Machine Learning algorithms from Microsoft Azure.

Other links on the same page include:

Python: Machine learning with Pandas

Python: Machine learning with Pandas

This one’s relatively old, 2015, but gives a good insight into one of the now (hot) Python based machine learning frameworks, Pandas.

Hot Data

Hot Data

Wow, is there any adjective you can’t put in front of the word ‘data’? 😉  Now its Hot Data

Its an interesting article and worth reading.  There is even an e-book if you want to join the mailing list and download it.

Wordpress: embedding videos the HTML5 way

Wordpress: embedding videos the HTML5 way

Recently I was setting up a site to share photos and videos.  Sharing videos is harder than it looks, most advice I read said to host the videos on a specialist site e.g. Vimeo, YouTube and then embed the code provided by the site to show the video to people visiting my site.  The main waring was that, if your video was too popular, you might blow your traffic limit at your shared hosting where your WordPress site is hosted.

…nevertheless, that’s what I wanted to do, upload my own videos to my WordPress media directory and play them from there.  I don’t expect many visitors and the traffic generated by watching the videos should not blow my shared hosting away (here’s hoping)  🙂

So, I turned to HTML5 to embed a link to my video stored in my site’s wp-content/upload/… directory . I found the instructions for the correct HTML5 code here.

…and the verdict so far? It works! 😀

Power BI: Include ‘last refresh’ date and time in a report

Power BI: Include ‘last refresh’ date and time in a report

While researching some stuff on tips and tricks in Power BI I found a useful solution for including a tile to show ‘last refresh’ date time in a report.  Its a Power BI community post, you may need to scroll to the ‘solved’ reply to the original question that was posted.

I had been looking for something similar for a while.  I know there is a setting that can be used for ‘dashboards’ but that relies on using the Power BI cloud services.  I was looking for a ‘local’ solution for people who were sharing my Power BI file and the reports inside.

p.s. you can also find some good info here on the Excelguru site

Enterprise Architects should just get over being precious about software

Yes all you EA’s get over yourselves 😜😎😇😀


Software is the fabric of the information age. It is eating the machine age. In the end it might even eat itself!Software is so successful, so pervasive, so adaptable that code, and the ability to code, are devaluing. Software is the commodity of our age and software development the occupation of the new working class.

Enterprise Architects should just get over being precious about software… and architecture, enterprise architecture, strategic planning etc.

Architecture is a metaphor that had relevance when software could be funded and managed like other capital investments.Software — unlike concrete, the fabric of capital investments — never ‘sets’.It is mostly open and freely shared. Software to do just about anything is a few clicks away for everyone with an internet connection.

Softwarenever goes to the presses, to be set in hot metal, to be printed on paper, for all time.When software made large capital…

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