Hi! My name is Glenn.  Welcome to my Blog, it is part photo album and whatever else seems interesting 🙂

I live in Sydney Australia.  I work in IT and love anything to do with data, my favourite quote at the moment is “Data is the answer to everything, no matter the question” 😀

Outside of work I love Macs and just about anything else that’s Apple.

I also like playing computer games, something I have really enjoyed since my university days when I used to spend my Friday nights in the city playing games like Qbert, Packman, etc. Currently, I am into World of Warcraft and games on my iPad like Song Pop 2, Words with Friends, Dice with Buddies, etc.

Back in 2016 I did a ‘blogging course’ and started blogging on a (semi) regular basis.  One year on I have created over 100 blog posts and I’m just starting again after a break to build a new house, sell the old house and other life stuff that got in the way of regular blogging 🙂

Below is my avatar, I created it myself!  The likeness is scarey 😉

My Gravatar Avatar

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