Credits: all images courtesy of Sony.

On the side of a bus the other day, I saw an ad for the upcoming film The Dark Tower. For the Stephen King fans out there I do not need to explain what The Dark Tower series is but just in case you do need to know, its one of King’s masterpieces.

But then it hit me, I found myself asking, how can they compress 8 wonderful books into a film? as did the author of this blog .  A similar thought occurred to me when I saw that there were to be 3 Lord of the Rings films but hey, 3 books, 3 films and Jackson did a wonderful job of making each one fit.  … but 8 books into 1 film? I’m intreagued as to how that will be done and I cant wait to see the film.

I won’t spoil the story for you but if you need to know anything about the books and the story, read this wonderful blog explaining the film  (and I guess the books as well 😀 ).  It certainly covers the main characters and the essence of the story.

I for one can’t wait to see the movie.  More to add to this blog when I have… its due for its Australian premier on 17 August 2017.  Not sure if I’ll be able to walk the red carpet on the night 😉 but I wont wait too long to see it after it premiers.  Here is a link to the trailer in case you want to get a taste. from the trailer it looks quite different but also familiar … I guess that must be part of the 8 books into 1 film formula.  never the less, I am really looking forward to it…oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…this is going to be great!  :)… [to quote a line from “Animal House”.


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