I admit it, I’m a data modeller at heart, having been inspired by Graeme Simsion of “Data Modelling Essentials” fame and more recently “The Rose Project” series and “The Best of Adam Sharp”.

Years ago I came across a modelling technique called “Anchor/Buoy” (‘A/B modelling’ for short) on a web site called xxx.  It intregued me and I used the technique on a few personal projects, mostly with Apple’s FileMaker.

Browsing some old research stuff I now find that A/B modelling is “dead” and it’s long live “selector/connector” modelling instead.  The details are in this blog “life after anchor/buoy”.

Most recently I have become very interested in “Data Vault” but this new modelling technique (new to me at least) is very interesting to me.  It has a number of concepts and ideas that really add something to the whole data modelling meta-verse 🙂

If you,like me, are a data modeller at heart, take a look and let me know what you think.



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