For this blog I thought I would reminisce about my reasons for wanting to learn French and to talk a little bit about my progress so far.

Years ago a friend took me to see a move, Amelie, with Audrey Tatou.  The movie had English subtitles but the language spoken by the actors was French.  It was really lovely to listen to and it just seemed to flow from the screen like silk.  I was so enchanted by the experience (and Audrey 😉 ) that I decided I would like to learn French.

After a few failed attempts to teach myself with books and CD’s I found Babbel and started studying French (and a few other languages) ousing my iPad and iPhone.  I found ut to be very convenient being able to do it on the bus, having a coffee or whenever I had some ‘spare time’.

But then work got in the way…and moving house… and, and and… and I slipped behind and forgot a lot of what I had learnt.

So, a few weeks ago I started again and repeated the beginner’s course again.  I was surprised that it seemend pretty easy, I must have remembered more than I thought.  now I am most of the way through the 3rd Beginner’s course (there are 6 in all) and I am enjoying it all over again.

I hope to be finished the beginner’s courses before I go on my next holiday and doing the intermediate courses.

For anyone wanting to learn a language I would certainly recommend Babbel.  However, I must also say that I thinking of taking up an external course as well so I can be with other people learing the same language.  Its nice and convenient to learn on Babbel but I also think I need to practice with other people as well.


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