You know the old saying “see a penny, pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck!”  Let me tell you, its not true ;’-)

The other day coming home from the airport, I saw a ‘penny’ (actually it was a 1 euro cent piece) lying on the ground at the bus station, where I was hoping to catch the next bus home.

I bent down to pick it up, the old saying ‘played’ in my head, I smiled, looking forward to the good luck coming my way.

Ten minutes later I discovered I had lost my bus ticket (my Opal pass with about $40 credit on it) and about $100 out of my pocket.  ‘Good luck’ my ^$$! 😀

Some say it was ‘good luck’ I discovered that I had lost my bus ticket so quickly, as I was able to cancel it straight away, preventing it being used and preserving my balance :-/

Some say it was ‘lucky’ I didn’t lose all the money in my wallet and my iPhone, which was in the same pocket as the money I lost, as I was able to buy another ticket to get home :-/

I say “I don’t know what planet you are from?!!” but I did not have ‘good luck’ that day!

I still have the ‘penny’, maybe I should throw it away before it causes me any more ‘good luck’ but I am superstitious and am afraid that will cause even more bad luck.

One thing for sure, its going to stay lying on a table at home.  I won’t be picking that ‘penny’ up again!



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