Today I was catching up on some of my tech reading and one thing on the reading list was about the new release of WooCommerce – version 3.0


Some of the features I really like include:

  • The addition of CRUD classes – yay for CRUD, the ability to Create, Read, Update and Delete WooCommerce ‘objects’
  • A new CLI powered by the REST API – GUI’s are overrated, I love the ‘old school’ Command Line Interface approach, so fast to do stuff


The announcement was back in April (yes, that’s how far I am behind in my tech reading) and so now release 3.01 (at least) is now available, so I would not be on the ‘bleeding edge’ to install it.

For anyone else who is keen to try the instructions for updating your site can be found here.   If anyone has already installed the new release let me know of your experiences (good and bad) 🙂


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