Just a short post about a new WordPress Addon from Themify.me that I really like – the new Slideshow addon.  See example in features image…

I’ve been a member of Themify.me for some years now and use their Theme’s and Addon’s in a number of the WordPress web sites I have developed.  I was attracted to join Themify.me because I liked the variety and ‘freshness’ of their WordPress stuff.

It was ‘cost effective’ to join and have access to all the content, rather than (initially) buy just the few things I needed for some of my early sites, and the Themify team have been updating their content and adding new content ever since and I always find something of interest and value in their releases.

The new Slideshow addon is just the latest example and, fo me, stands out as one of the best slideshow addons I have seen amonst the plethora out there in the WordPress-blog-o-sphere.

I’m going to update one of my sites to include the new addon soon as a ‘weekend project’, watch this space 🙂

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