On the way home yesterday, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a poster on a telegraph pole: Cold Chisel at Manly Vale Hotel.  My first though was “whe? when?!”, I wanted to see them again.  My second though was “The Manly Vale Hotel was demolished years ago to make way for apartments” 😦

At the time I was listening to Cold Chisel’s “One Long Day” on my iPhone.  I thought my mind was playing tricks on me… but after Google-ing “Cold Chisel Manly Vale” I found that they had released a live album a week ago from a pub gig in June 1980.  It was very likely I was there that night.  The Manly Vale Hotel was one of my favourite places to see Cold Chisel when I was a Uni student.

A few mins later the new digital album was in my collection and I was happily listening to One Long Day, again, but this time from the live gig at the Manly Vale Hotel. Cool 😎

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