See the guy on the left in the featured image? (subtitle Assembler)… that was me, when I first learned to code.  My coding experience was different to the evolution shown above, in fact I learnt Fortran and Assembler at around about the same time at Uni.  I didnt learn C until some time later but the guy on the right is pretty accurate…

…now I’m learning Ruby on Rails (again) and some other stuff in order to re-skill for the future … can someone give me a “To infinity and beyond!” [Thanks Buzz 😉 ]

After spending the day with a friend, I am now re-energised to learn a few new tech skills and re-learn some that have been domant for a while.  Wish me luck 😀

My first objective is to re-learn Ruby on Rails via the new online tutorial from Michael Hartl and to also learn REACT (the JavaScript variety) from Facebook.

To keep myself honest I am going to Blog about my journey (from coding monkey to sophisticated guy sitting at a Mac, coding)… or is it the other way around?!?? Don’t I want to *become* a coding monkey? Oh well, you get the idea 😉

Check back for my blogs on my progress…


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