Today’s post is about an audio book I listened to while on holidays recently – The Best of Adam Sharp by Graeme Simsion.  I downloaded the book from as part of my subscription.

Spoiler alert: It was wonderful!!! 😀

I think it’s a record for me to listed to an audio book end to end in 3 days but when you are on holidays anything is possible! 🙂

I find audio books to be the most convenient way to ‘read’ books, especially when I’m travelling, driving or otherwise disinclined to carry a hard copy book around with me and/or needing to devote my attention to *not* running into other people while ‘reading’ 😉

I’m not going to spoil things by telling you bits of the story or reliving my favourite bits suffice to say, for me, it was a musical journey with a backdrop of Melbourne and provincial France (two of my favourite places on the planet)**

I just loved the author’s previous work (The Rosie Project, and the follow-up, The Rosie Effect) and this is definitely a worthy successor.

For the record, the author is a friend of mine but I am not writing this blog out of friendship, I sincerely *loved* this book and the audio book reading by David Barker.

My ‘take away’ message for all the ‘IT nerds’ out there is that beautiful, exciting, and fun to be with women, fabulous sex, magnificent (French) cuisine and music made for the soul are not beyond your reach (if ‘your reach’ is defined by the creative powers of the author) 😉

I think this books has changed my perspective on life.  I hope it does for you as well.  If you are reading this, and go on the read/listen to the (audio) book, please feel free to tell me what *you* think!




** at the time of writing this blog


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