Yesterday I went for a lunchtime walk to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair near the Botanic Gardens in Sydney.  I was a beautiful Spring day. Check out my pics, maybe it will encourage a few more people to visit Sydney for. holiday or a few more city office workers to get out and about for a walk at lunchtime. Spring has sprung in Sydney! 😀👍😎

At the start of the walk I went through the Domain near the Art Gallery and then down to the Sydney Harbour foreshore to start the main part of the walk.  The last image above with the big tree is interesting because the roots of the tree seem to be melting and flowing over the sandstone rocks of the hillside.

In the middle part of the walk along the Sydney Harbour foreshore, heading towards the point of Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, I took a pic of some sandstone rocks in the water and a short video of the activity out on the harbour.

On the last leg of the walk I walked along the eastern side, past the naval base on the other side of the bay and the Boy Charlton pool, before returning to work *sigh* 🙂

Its a great walk, only takes an easy 30 mins walking and it really helps clear the mind and refresh the body.  Stay tuned for pics from other walks in the near future.

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