I am in the process of creating a new WordPress site and have been pulling my hair out re the blurry images being shown by WooCommerce for the Products and Product categories.  Thanks to Katrinah and her YouTube video “How to fix Blurry Images in WooCommerce (WordPress)” my problem is now fixed! Thank you Katrinah 🙂

At first I though my problem was that I had somehow ‘Smushed’ my images too much when uploading them – using the WP Smush Pro but this wasn’t the case.  My images were still displaying very well when I looked at them in the Media area of the WP Admin console.

Next I thought it might be the way my theme, Ultra from themify.me, was displaying the images… but changing themes didnt help.

Eventually, I found Katrinah’s wonderful series of YouTube videos and it all became clear 🙂 I am now subscribed to the series and hope to learn more from Katrinah’s easy to listen to and follow videos.

Hopefully, this Blog will lead some other people to WooCommerce fuzzy image salvation!


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