This weekend I went on a ‘road trip’ of sorts. 1000 km there and back! The trip gave me a chance to listen to some new music I have only listened to a few times so far.  On a road trip I put it on loop and gave it a good listen for a few hours.

One of the albums on loop for this trip was Ella Hooper‘s latest EP, New Magic.

Monkey Mind was probably my favourite.  Its a good upbeat song that makes the kilometers melt away.  In a similar vein is Break Up Blonde.

I always enjoy listening to Ella’s work and New Magic was enjoyable to listen to although on many songs the music seems to overpower Ella’s vocals, or maybe this was just my car music system and the noise from the car as the kilometers wizzed past.

Well done Ella, keep it coming! 🙂  I’m hoping to see the #calaminesisters on tour and at one of the #KillingHeidi shows (can it be true?!?? Xmas has come early! 😀 )


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