Years ago I visited friends living in the north of Germany in a former “Hansestadt” called Greifswald.  They took me to the movies to see a French film called (in German) “Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie“.  It was (as is typical in Germany) dubbed into German, but with French subtitles.  That night I fell in love with Amélie, and with the actress who made her come to life, Audrey Tautou.  Ever since that night, I have had a renewed desire to learn French 😀

Since then I have been an avid fan of Audrey and I must have watched Amélie over 100 times.  My goal is to be able to watch the movie with no sub titles, no dubbing and understand the whole movie in its native French.  Actually, I think I already understand the whole movie, and I just let the French wash over me as I watch (good art is like that, you just have to let it wash over you 🙂 ) and I know the words, I just don’t understand/comprehend them all yet, but I know what they mean in the context of the film.

So far, I have seen the film in germany, dubbed in German, and subtitles in French, seen it in Australia, native French soundtrack, subtitles in English, seen it in Paris in French, nosubtitles, and watched it on DVD in my living room countless times in whatever combination I had a hunger for at the time.

My “learn French to fully understand what they are saying in Amélie” goal is being helped along by Babbel and its a lot of fun.  I have the lessons on my iPad and iPhone and on my Mac (like I am now) and I am slowly making my way through the many layers of the beginners course.  Im in no hurry, its too much fun 😀 and for practice in between, I watch Amélie, to guage my progress, and watch the French Open Tennis, and drink lovely French wine, and a host of other “semi French” pasttimes to help put me in the zone 🙂

Will I ever get there to my goal?   Qui sait? Ce qui sera sera! (Who knows? What will be will be!) 😉


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