How would you complete that sentence “It’s the little things…”?

Today, the “little things” with one of my self-hosted WordPress sites drove me up the wall and cost me 6 hrs of my life, that I’m unlikely ever to get back! 😉

I was setting up a new WP site and had to add a new image to the site once it had gone live.

On my home/local server, everything was working (I think) but on the live site something was not right.  Adding new images to my site did not create all of the thumbnails that it should and this meant things were not displaying correctly on the affected pages, I was getting ‘cropped’ versions of the main image instead of the appropriately resized thumbnail image.

I “Googled” the issue (yes, that’s a word in the dictionary now 😉 ) and found similar problems but from 3-5 years ago.  The “fixes” suggested didn’t work for me.

I then hypothesized that this was a ‘single site’ issue but some testing on other sites on my hosting package showed the same symptoms. Hmmm, a problem with WordPress I thought!?!! … but no, the same version of WordPress was running on my local/home server.

A problem with my hosting? but what?!?? … after much gnashing of teeth and more Google-ing I found a similar problem from 2011 that mentioned a PHP setting for a module called “GD”… apparently WordPress uses it to generate thumbnails. Eureka!!

A quick check told me my hosting package had the “GD” module turned off… turning it on solved my problem.

I still don’t know how this little setting changed from what it should have been but I think I would be better off just shrugging my shoulders and moving on with my life.  I don’t think there’s any point asking my Hosting provider, they’ll just tell me “you must have changed it”.

How are they to know I didn’t even know the settings existed until about 6 hrs ago :-/


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