Its quite exciting to see one of your pics go from nothing to ‘up and coming’ and then to ‘popular’ in less than 10 mins on 500px.  Its a real “amateur photographer rush” 😀

My latest pic, taken last weekend in South West Rocks, in the mid north coast of NSW in Australia, is proving quite popular on the last 1/2 hr. Here it is…

Waiting for the tide to come in by Glenn Cogar on

That’s my brother in law, standing on a rock, waiting for the waves to roll in on the tide.  A minute later, he was surrounded by waist deep water and we were not sure we’d ever see him again 😉 ha ha

Another pic, taken on the same trip is of Kangaroos lazing in the sun near the ocean.  Here it is…

Kangaroos, Winter sun and surf on a lazy Sunday morning walk by Glenn Cogar on

I hope you like these, feedback welcome 🙂 I sure had fun taking this pics with my iPhone 5s and also on watching them attract attention on 500px.



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