This weekend I went on a ‘road trip’ of sorts. 1000 km there and back! and without my music to keep me alert, make me happy and make the time pass faster, I don’t know what I would have done 😀

The albums I listened to along the way included:

  • Deep Dark Savage Heart by Melody Pool
  • Blackstar by the late and great David Bowie
  • BB King and Friends by the late great BB King (and some of his late and still very much alive friends)
  • Secret Codes and Battleships by Darren Hayes
  • Live in Berlin but Sting (featuring the Royal Philharmonic)
  • The Ultimate Collection by The Kinks
  • Voodoo Child by the late and great Jimmy Hendrix
  • Killing Heidi and Present by Killing Heidi, and last but not least
  • Lithium and Evanescence by Evanescence

The only pity is, I didn’t have further to drive to listen to even more great music.  There were many favourite S I just didn’t get to listen to.  hmmm, maybe another road trip is coming up soon 😀

check some of these out and let me know what you recommend for my next road trip


One thought on “Road trip music

  1. oooh, I almost forgot to mention some of my favourite songs and lines from my road trip album mix…

    How long by Melody Pool
    How long, how long will you rest in my bed?
    How strong, how strong I have been to have said
    ‘You can linger as long as you like, I’m not trivial’

    Never make my move too soon by BB King (and Roger Daltrey)
    I never tried to make the news, I’m just a man who plays the blues
    I take my lovin’ everywhere, I come back, you know they still all care
    One love ahead and one behind
    One in my arms you know, one on my mind
    And it’s one thing people, I never make my move too soon

    Explode by Darren Hayes
    Can we explode and come back together
    Like the rising sun, we’ll be as one
    Can we explode? We’ll rearrange the pieces
    In a different light, we’ll make it right

    I am by Killing Heidi wonderfully sung by Ella Hooper
    I’d like to rip you out of your skin
    I’d switch us around and put you back in
    And I know, I know, I know, I know what to say
    But it couldn’t be any other way

    … there are more but too many to post here, you’ll just have to listen yourself and find your own favourite songs and lyrics


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