Nerd alert! You have been warned, beyond this point your eyes may glaze over and there is a risk you will fall asleep… unless you are into the incredibly exciting world of Microsoft’s Power BI and a big, big fan (like I am) of SQLite 🙂Today I came across this Blog on How to access an SQLite database from Power Query and it led me to this site where someone (Werner?) is generously giving away ODBC drivers for various operating platforms to access SQLite data.

What a find! 😀

Now I am happily accessing SQLite data from Power BI (Excel plugin, and free desktop tool)… much better than CSV files or trying to store my data in a much larger DB like MySQL.

If you are a Firefox user, there is even this nice extension/ plug in to use to create and query and maintain your SQLite DBs, ready for use in Power BI.


SQLite manager for FirefoxTry this out, if you are a data person and have some tech time to kill 🙂 and remember…

Data is the answer, no matter the question!


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