The other day my wife sent me a link to an article “5 things you should do before 9 am” to be “generally slimmer, healthier and happier”.  Cryptic, don’t understand why she just does not tell me more plainly what the message is 😉 but I read the article anyways and decided “this formula ain’t working for me” 😀

Spoiler alert!!!, here come the 5 things:

  • Get moving
  • Eat a *real* breakfast
  • Deep breaths
  • Be consistent
  • Rehydrate

Tick, tick, tick, tick and … tick! I do *all* those things and I could still be slimmer, healthier and happier.  There must be something wrong so I dug a little deeper…

  • Get moving … well, as it turns out dressing in a rush, get into car, go to bus stop and ride to work and take the lift up to my floor to start my day isn’t what they are talking about… it seems they are referring to ‘exercise’, over rated in my opinion ;-P
  • Eat a *real* breakfast … doesn’t coffee count?!?? I guess not
  • Deep breaths… plenty of those, but not the right sort apparently… exasperation and big sighs for “oh where can the bus be” and “this coffee has too much milk” are not quite the right type, oh well :’-(
  • Be consistent … Huzzah! I think I actually do get a tick on this one, I consistently *don’t* do all those other things on the list properly
  • Rehydrate … you guessed it, bier and coffee don’t count *sigh*

It was a good article until I probed beneath the shallow “just do these 5 things” claims.  I guess I have some work to do! Why is health and happiness sooooo hard?!?? ;’-)

p.s. the featured photo is a nice breakfast pic though, don’t you think? When I do eat a real breakfast it often looks something like that 😀 yum!


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