As I get older the need^h^h^h^h urge 😉  to simplify becomes stronger and stronger 🙂

Browsing through my Mac’s main hard drive the other day I *discovered* some software I had purchased some time ago and never used.

Part of me (geeky, shiny new stuff me) felt the urge to try the software out – “what a waste to buy the software and never try it out!” (or something like that) was the argument conjured up by the geeky me part of my brain.  No doubt, this is also the part of my brain that compelled me to buy it in the first place 😉

But, somewhere inside me, a smaller voice, that’s being getting and more vocal of late (let’s call it Simplify! me) told me “leave it alone, you don’t have time to waste on that stuff any more” (or something like that, I’m paraphrasing of course 😉 … if you really heard what was going on in my head it would not sound nearly so clear cut 😀

Two voices in my head, offering diametrically opposed advice as to what to do… I was so confused.  The whole scene reminded me of that classic scene from The Emporeror’s New Groove … I’m sure you know the scene, if you are a fan of the move, like me 🙂


Anyway, the point of this Blog is that Simplify! me won out again, darn it.  I don’t get to do any fun geeky stuff any more :-/

Can anyone else identify with this?


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