So let me get the pun out of the way straight away: this Blog is a spin on the movie Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis.

So now that’s that out of the way, what’s this Blog about? Well, lately I have been listening to a few old favourite artists and albums and it occurred to me that a lot of the musicians involved are dead 😦

Top of my list at the moment is the Fade Away Sessions  (an EP from 1981) from Matt Finish … Matt Moffitt died in 2003 😦  Matt Finish are still playing (I think – I last saw them a few years ago)  To me, it’s still wonderful music! Brings back so many memories of seeing Matt Finish live in a pub somewhere in Sydney.  My favourite Matt Finish venue was the Tivoli… there is even an album of Matt Finish Live at the Tivoli in my collection… when I listen to that one I like to think that was a night I was there 🙂

I’ve also been listening a lot lately to David Bowie, Prince, BB King and Michael Jackson.

It’s not planned that I am listening to quite a few musicians who have passed on, just coincidence I guess.  I won’t tell you who I am listening to of late who are still very much alive, I don’t want to put the jinx on anyone 😉

p.s. to add to my Blog, I thought I’d share some of the words from one of the Matt Finish songs I am listening to this morning as I run a few software updates on my Mac, it’s called Introductions  I interpret this song as being about a couple who have some issues and I always figured it was a reflection on the writer’s life (but he’s confused) as one of the verses says

It’s me, Don’t you know I thought it was me, Don’t you know I thought it was me, I don’t know

From what I gathered Matt had an up and down life, I felt sorry if that was true because he was a wonderful musician and sang some of my favourite music when I was growing up  I thought he must have had a wonderful life, with so many admiring fans and the crowds cheering Matt Finish on wherever they played

When I reflect on the musicians I listed in my Blog today, a few of them had problems in their lives (or so it was reported) and they died far too young.  BB King lived into his 90’s but he sang the Blues all his life so I guess he also had his problems like the rest of us but he also managed to turn his experiences into wonderful music.

It must be true, artists *do* suffer for their art ;’-( but they make us really happy with the art they create 🙂 God bless them all!


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