I’m so excited to be listening to Melody Pool‘s new album, Deep Dark Savage Heart, this weekend.  I started this morning and have had the album on a loop ever since.  Its really great stuff! 😀 

It’s hard to say what my favourite song is yet.  I use music to change my mood, so I guess it would depend on what I needed at any one moment.  If I was looking for a ‘pick up’ I would go for Romantic Things.  Black Dog on the other hand is a good song for making me feel I am not alone when I am feeling down and looking for some understanding and empathy. Richard is an interesting song, it makes me think I am in a night club for some reason, just the quality of the music and the tones I guess *shrug*  City Lights is a very reflective song, I can picture myself wandering to this song and reflecting on things in my life.

I have not mentioned all of the songs on the album, I encourage you to listen for yourself and form your own views.

This is the second album I have from Melody Pool, I think there are only two so far, otherwise I would have more in my collection 🙂  Melody’s other album so far is The Hurting Scene

I have been a big fan ever since I saw Melody at a show in Dee Why as a lead up to Ella Hooper at Lizottes (before it closed, at least in Dee Why).  I gather that Melody and Ella are friends and I think both are wonderful artists!  Ella’s latest album is Venom coming after In Tongues

IMHO, Melody and Ella should collaborate on something musical.  I even have some ideas … so, if either of you are reading this, please contact me so I can tell you my ideas 😀 lol


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