Yes, as the title says…

The best show for gamers gets even better: Good Game on the ABC

Source: me 🙂

I have “loved” (but not in the Biblical sense) Good Game since its inception.  This year, its gone from very, very good to even better!  I just love the new formula…

  • 1 hour episodes!!!
  • linking the “can you guess the name of this game” with more recent work from the same person/ people
  • Hex and Bajo *still* hosts (I am glad such talented people aren’t bored yet 😉 ) and they also do Spawn Point for the kiddies (like me 😀 )
  • The new IMO segment with Goose  and Nichboy is now integrated into the show … even thought Goose and Nichboy are also on Pocket and Goose is a ‘field reporter’ for Spawn Point

I just think this is the best format/ formula so far! … until next year, when I am *sure* it will be even better (but can’t imagine how)

If any of the Good Game team are reading this, here are a few messages:

  • Hex, get well soon, hope you love the cycling, fitness science experiment and keep the great Pinterest pics coming, especially of mouth watering breakfasts 🙂
  • Bajo, don’t give up on becoming a Street Fighter legend, you will win next time, and learn to drive a dune buggy or at least warn me when you go out driving, you *are* “reckless”
  • Goose, I feel compelled to respond to your “IMO segment” but don’t know how (help?!??)… as Spock would say “I find your (Good Game) logic undeniable” so its hard to argue with you opinions on IMO 🙂
  • Nichboy, I like your pasion for games, when you get ‘worked up’ but I have to tell you its not good for your health… *chill* dude 😀

To the producers and other people responsible for Good Game at the ABC… keep it coming and give everyone more pizza and cola and anything else they want 😀


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