It was a very wet weekend here in Sydney and I decided to spend some time indoors getting my ‘flying licence’ for Draenor, the latest gaming zone of World of Warcraft, setting for the Warlords of Draenor.

Actually, the weekend was just the final push to the finish line as it took me weeks (spread over many months) to do all the things necessary to gain the achievement called “Draenor Pathfinder“.

In very general terms, achieving this involved a number of broad and diverse tasks, including:

  • Explore Draenor – pretty self explanatory, just visit every corner of Draenor
  • Securing Draenor – go on a long list of missions and successfully complete the mission’s objectives
  • Tanaan Diplomat – make friends with a number of ‘hard to please’ (IMHO) factions in Draenor
  • Loremaster of Draenor – join with other ‘heroes of Draenor’ and defeat the elite enemies in all of the dungeons of Draenor
  • Master Treasure Hunter – and find 100 pieces of treasure hidden around the countryside, some in trees, or the bottom of lakes, or on top of mountains, etc. etc.

Here are some pics of the lead up to the achievement for the WoW tragics out there, like me 😀

The first 3 photos in the gallery below document the steps just before and just after the achievement, the last pic of a cute bird sitting on my head with a pirate hat has *nothing* to do with the achievement, I just stumbled across him/her while searching for treasure in Spires of Arak … if you want to know where just ask 😉

… and for this people who think that playing computer games is a total waste of time, the licence to fly in Draenor is *Account wide* meaning I don’t have to do this for my other characters! now that’s time saving efficiency while having fun at the same time … I think that proves how valuable achievements in WoW can be!!?!

I rest my case 😉 lol


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