Walking through Sydney the other day, I passed by the corner of Pitt St. and Hunter St. which, for fans of The Matrix, is the corner on which the first Matrix movie ends with Neo making a telephone call and telling the machines how its going to be… and I noticed  that the phone booth Neo was talking from in the movie has changed 🙂 

I also walked past the fountain on Pitt St. and Martin Place where Neo and Morpeus are in the Agent Training Program

Agent training program

… as you can see, the woman in the red dress was not there that day 😉

If I had had more time I could have also visited the building where Neo worked as a software programmer, or the building where Neo and Trinity rescue Morpheus, or the building where the Agents are chasing Neo or many other places in Sydney where scenes from The Matrix were filmed.  In fact, with a little research on the ‘Net you can even find the details you need to go on your own Matrix tour in Sydney.

One of my favourites is the Adam Street Bridge where Trinity tries to convince Neo not to leave, telling him he knows where that street leads (Castlereagh St)… when I watch the movie I always think “yes, it goes past Martin Place down to Hunter St., not far from Neo’s phone booth”… he he he 😀

Ah memories, The Matrix is one of my all time favourite movies and Sydney is my home and its good to walk the streets some time and wait for the memories to come 🙂


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