This question is one of the top few questions in life, IMHO 😀

Really, its up there with :what is the meaning of life?” and I’m sure the answer to the “why do we listen to music?” question is a clue to the meaning of life one 🙂

The inspiration for this blog was an article I found in the Sydney Morning Herald last week – titled, Why do we listen to music? The search for the brain’s music room.  Credits:  The featured image for this blog comes from the article.

The article is interesting but I have a different theory.  To explain I need to segue to Science, and I’m paraphrasing here… I heard once that the mathmatics to explain and desctibe the universe its like music.

My theory is that *everything* in the universe can be interpreted as music (or more broadly, art) and our brains are children of the universe and they respond to the music of the universe.

What I do agree with is that our brain’s have a music room and even a music preference 🙂 trained (attuned) when we are very young.  I think this is a ‘gift from God’ and I thank her/him for it 🙂

As an extension to my theory, which I call Theory number 1 (about music) I believe that some especially talented people can even turn their attunement into music they create and which my brain craves… too many to name in this list but four of my current “on permanent loop on my iPhone/iPad” are Adele, Ella Hooper, Sting and Led Zeppelin.

p.s. I think music and comedy are cousins and the right sort of comedy is “music to my ears” so to speak 😀  Top of my all time list is Monty Python … top of my current list is Big Bang Theory

… and while we are on the Big Bang Theory, I thought that the kiss between Sheldon and Amy (that is a prelude to this scene, in link) was one of the top 3 kisses of all time, one of the others was Wesley and Buttercup in The Princess Bride … not telling what was the other one in the top 3 😉

Please let me know what your brain thinks about this 😀

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