Today’s words I like come from one of my favourite songs from Evanescence – Imaginary.

In my field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullaby

I lie inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me

Imaginary: Evanescence

It was a tough choice picking my words I like today, there was stiff competition from many great songs, including:

  • KashmirLed Zeppelin – “Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream, I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been”
  • I am – Killing Heidi – “I’d like to rip you out of your skin, I’d switch us around and put you back in and I know, I know, I know, I know what to say, but it couldn’t be any other way”
  • Move On – George Michael – “You put your tears behind you, Better get yourself where you wanna be, I think of all the days and nights i spent crying, Before my angel set me free”

… and that’s just 3 of the other great songs I listened too earlier today.  I think there were another 50 or so.

These 4 (including Imaginary – the title track of my blog today) for a reason.  They all reminded me of something important:

  • Imaginary – that I *do* lie inside myself for hours – I am surely an introvert, with an extrovert waiting to get out some times 😀
  • Kashmir – to enjoy the feeling of freedom
  • I am – the importance of “walking a mile in other people’s shoes” sometimes
  • Move On – that life is too short to dwell on stuff, except happy stuff 🙂

Do you have any favourite songs you’ve been listening to today?  I find music very theraputic 🙂



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