First it was ‘restarting’ my Blog, now its creating a Wiki.  I could not find a Wiki101 course like the Blogging101 course so I Googled it instead.  The first thing I wanted advice on was ‘how to structure my content’… and where better to look than the Wiki-of-Wiki’s Wikipedia.

 Hmmm, well maybe not *this* page on Wikipedia… according to the warning on the page.


Maybe I am too late and the best way of structuring a Wiki has already been decided and I don’t need to ask that question any more because everyone knows already 😉

The tips given in the article all seem to make sense: start with core topic… spiral out… key concepts (pictures of key topics)… order the topics (logical, chronological)… details each topic briefly… offer more detail to those who need it to fully cover the topic…

My Google’ing also led me to Atlasssian’s Confluence site – Confluence is one of my favourite Wiki tools.  They also had some useful tips… have an engaging Welcome page… provide links to the profiles of the people involved in creating/ maintaining the Wiki (this reminded me that a Wiki is meant be developed collaboratively – I was planning to do one myself 😀 )… choose a small number (2-3) topics to focus on developing at a time… provide links to helpful resources to help others help the Wiki…

My ‘research’ (aka Google’ing) can be summed up as follows:

  1. Make it engaging and collaborative
  2. Structure it how it makes sense (and adapt it along the way through the Wiki’s development)
  3. Start with a central topic … spiral out … coverage first e.g. key topics … detail later, if needed e.g. use just enough detail just in time approach
  4. Support people to make the Wiki better e.g. helpful resources, easy content discovery through good content classification (e.g. categories, tags), good search and easy navigation

… and its just *that* easy! 😉 … instant Wiki, just add water! 😀

I’d be happy to hear about how other people structure their Wiki’s, the good and the bad experiences, what works, what doesn’t, etc, etc.  Please feel free to post a comment 🙂


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