To be honest, I am not sure I ‘get’ Day 11’s assignment… but that won’t stop me trying 😉

Writing prompts can be a blogger’s best friend: when inspiration is low and fresh ideas few, responding to someone else’s question can do get you out of a slump. 

The approach I decided to take was to play a bit of “word association football” starting with the word “slump” 😀 — with thanks to Monty Python

Why slump? well, as I said, I don’t quite get this assignment and it was causing a bit of a mental slump.  I think that’s why that word jumped out at me from the day’s assignment brief.  I also think that it might have been that I wrote a blog of my own about ‘slump day’ a week or so ago.

From ‘slump’ I came to the move Grease (hence the featured image for this blog).  Why Grease? Well, remember the scene at the rally for the Rydell High Football team?… where Principal McGee (Eve Ardenintroduces Coach Calhoun (Sid Caesar) as the coach of the football team who is going to pull Rydell High out a seven year slump?

I think Grease came to mind because I was watching it on TV the other night, for about the 100th time (or more, I am sure).  Its one of my favourite movies of all time! What’s not to like: music, dancing and a flash back to a wonderful passage of 20th Century culture: the ’50’s.

So there you have it: I built on a prompt from Blogging 101 to to go talking about slumps to talking about the movie Grease.

I hope I have done the assignment justice?!??  That makes me think of a quote from John Lennon on the Let it Be album…

I’d like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition

John Lennon

So here’s a personal prompt for you… using my blog as a jump off point, where does this blog take you?


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