My blog today will focus on some resources that I have found to be useful for WordPress security.

The first resource in my list (in no particular order) is a tool called “Wordfence“.  I find Wordfence to be a useful tool in blocking ‘nasties’ from my web sites.  They also publish good, educational blogs and articles about WordPress security – for example an “Introduction to WordPress Security“.  Wordfence has a free and a paid for service.  I use the free one for now but friends who introduced me to Wordfence used the paid service, they are more serious WordPress developers/ users than me 🙂

The second resource and one of my favourites is Jetpack for Wordpess from Automattic.  Some of the ‘security related’ features I use and value a lot are:

  • Single Sign On – allows me to use my credentials to log onto my sites
  • Protect – secures my site against malicious attacks,  and
  • Monitor – tells me if my site is down (not exactly security related but nice to know if my site is down/ up and look into why it might be down).

Jetpack is a combination of a number of very useful features and is fast ‘displacing’ other one-off/ stand-alone tools I have been using.

The next is an article from on Hardening WordPress.  Who better to learn from that the issuers of WordPress 🙂

Another very useful plugin I use is the Google Authenticator plugin to provide two-factor authentication for log on to my admin panel.  It makes use of the free Google Authenticator app for my iPhone.

Last but not least is WPMU DEV where I have invested in an account (one of the best WordPress investments I have made).  There you can find a steady stream of great blogs, including this one on WordPress Security tips.  Note: you may need an account to see the whole article but you should be able to at least see the abstract and other free articles.

Hopefully this will help some people get started on WordPress security.  I am no expert and I’m always learning new things.  I would be happy to hear back from anyone who has any new and different resources they find useful 🙂

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