Let me introduce you to a favourite web site, iPad/iPhone app – 500px  A very good friend introduced me to it a few years ago and I have been enjoying it ever since.

The featured image from this post is one of my pics on 500px, its called “my favourite rocks” at South West Rocks in the mid north coast of NSW in Australia.

Near the rocks is a great place to swim and you get a wonderful view up the coast towards Stuarts Point and the mountains in the direction of Mount Yarrahapinni.

But enought about my favourite rocks 🙂 I wanted to introduce you to 500px. Here is one of my favourite photos to start things off… It is called “shadow people”.

Shadow People by Andrea Beisswenger on 500px.com
Shadow people

…and another called “Fun at the beach”. It reminds me of the summer days I spent at the beach as a child growing up in Sydney, Australia.

Fun at the Beach by Andrea Beisswenger on 500px.com
Fun at the beach

But “why are the photos all black and white” I hear you say 🙂 The short answer is, they are not, that’s just two of my favourites. here’s another one in colour this time… it is called “Play of colours” (aptly enough) 😉


Play of Colours by Andrea Beisswenger on 500px.com
Play of colours

and, last one for now, one called “Tiny yes, but mighty”…


Tiny yes, but mighty by Andrea Beisswenger on 500px.com
Tiny yes, but mighty

All of these pics come from the friend who introduced me to 500px and are just some of my favourites.

There are also plenty of other great photos to take a look at from thousands (millians?) of other people around the globe. Like this one… It is called “Sunrise on Munchkin hill” by me 😀


Sunrise on Munchkin hill by Glenn Cogar on 500px.com
Sunrise on munchkin hill

If you want to see what else is trending, I suggest trying “Discover” to see what is popular or fresh

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of 500px as I do 🙂



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