Today’s challenging assignment is to “love my theme”.  Been there, done that, a few days ago – Fresh coat of paint.

In coming up with my Blog’s new look, I tried out quite a few themes – the good, the bad and the ugly!  Be leave me readers when I tell you, you didn’t want to go for the ride 😛

Having been there and done that re Day 5’s assignment, I decided to try a different style of post using my new, recently selected through pain and suffering theme.  The post type I have chosen is oriented towards photos and maybe a video thrown in… but where to get the photos from? 🤔

The answer came to me at lunch.  I was discussing some of the nice walks in and around Sydney with a work colleague and felt inspired to combine a few things on my to do list for 2016:

  • Blog as part of the blogging 101 course (tick)
  • Improve my fitness and lose some weight – solution, go on a nice walk
  • Take some pics and videos for my blog (tick)
  • Listen to some good walking music – I chose Riding with the King by BB King and Erice Clapton

I hope you like the results…

 My walk started her, where the dot is on map, in Martin Place in the city of Sydney, I walked north (up on the map) to Circular Quay, left, along the quay, then north again to Dawes Point, under the bridge, and then slightly south west back towards Barangaroo, up towards the star of Martin Place (on George St) and back up towards where I started.  The whole work was approximately 4 km.  
At Circular Quay, I took some pics… the first of a cruise ship docked at the overseas passenger terminal…   

Then a quick pic of the Museum of Contemporary Art…


Then a pic of the bridge from near Circular Quay…


Then a closer pic of the bridge…


Then closer again… what can I say, if you know Sydney, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a big part of things… you can even do a walking tour to the top to see the view… if you look closely you can see people walking up the bridge…


Then a shot of the city looking back from near Dawes Point…


Then a pic of the Sydney Opera House…


From there my walk took me under the bridge and I started heading back to the start of my walk, along Walsh Bay. No more pics from that point, more another time 😀

I really enjoyed my “Blog walk” today, so much so I think I will make it a regular thing.  The music as good too, I was able to listen to a number of tracks off Riding with the King, all the way from the title track to Worried Life Blues.  Only 4 songs to go on the album…

Note to self: find longer walks so I can listen to whole albums 😀


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