Blogging 101 – my Blog reloaded

It’s a new year and time for New Year’s resolutions! One of mine is to refresh my Blog and to blog more often than I have in the recent past.

To help me achieve my objective, I signed up to a course at Blogging U called “Blogging101”.  No link, unfortunately, as only people signed up to do the course have access to the site.  However, you might be able to find out more about upcoming courses here.

Blogging 101 will help me, and other people doing the same course, by providing a series of daily tasks.  The task for day 1 is to (re)introduce yourself to your Blog’s readers.  So, guess what? 😀…

I started Blogging a number of years ago to try it out.  At the time, I was reading other people’s blogs and found some of them interesting enough that I wished that I too had a blog… but what to blog about, that was the question.

Without a real purpose in mind, I just decided to blog about things that interested me and put my thoughts out into the blog-o-sphere (if there is such a thing).  I really was not too concerned that other people would read my blogs, I just wanted to try it out and experience what it would be like to have my own blog.

Over time, I did start to care more about whether people were readi my blogs and, thankfully, a few of my friends and family did and started following my blog.  That created a new dimension to the experience and I felt some “pressure” to write things that other people would like and find interesting to read 😥

Sadly, it did not last and I found myself blogging less and less as I just could not think of enough things that other people might like to read.  I still had plenty of ideas but put the ideas through a “would other people like this?” filter and most (almost all?) did not survive long enough to become a real, live blog entry.

Now I have decided to try again!… but my goals have changed.

I still have the goal to blog about things that other people find interesting BUT I will let the reader decide rather than kill off the blog before it’s even published.  To re-start my blog, I will return to the “I will just blog about things I find interesting” state of mind and tune things based on the feedback I get from people reading my blog.

Does that sound like a plan? 

For the duration of the Blogging 101 course my definition of what other people would find interesting is my best efforts doing the daily tasks.  After that, I’ll set my own direction with the help of any readers I have.

Wish me luck 😎🍀


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