A fresh coat of paint

Check out my Blog’s ‘fresh coat of paint’ – a new look for a new year!

The main things I have done are:

  • changed to a new Theme – Independent Publisher
  • added a header image of a ‘rising sun over a favourite beach’ – very metaphorical for a new beginning
  • added some HTML code for the Blogging University logo to identify my efforts to improve my blog based on what I learn from the Blogging101 course (see Add a Badge)

Here’s a preview 🙂


Also, a big thank you to all those people who connected with my Blog yesterday (Day 1 of the course).  I appreciate all of the comments and likes and I will get back to you all as soon as I figure out how to do that – this is the most attention my blog has *ever* had and I am currently feeling slightly overwhelmed (but happy).

Good luck to everyone else on the Blogging101 course.  As a character in one of my favourite movies said…

Oh, boy, is this great!!

Kent “Flounder” Dorfman (from Animal House)


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