My new ‘project’ – WordPress and GIT

So, my new ‘project’ is getting Wordpress and GIT working together.

My ‘ultimate’ goal, at this stage at least, is to have a local install of WordPress and GIT, running on a Mac Mini on my home network, that ‘mirrors’ a hosted install of WordPress (except for some WordPress settings that need to be changed).

The idea is to be able to make changes to the local development installation, track changes with GIT, and be able to ‘push’ updates up to the hosted install once I have had a chance to test things out.

Its early days but I have found a few articles on the net that sound promising… here is one that I am studying to learn the basics of what I need to do  Developing on WordPress using GIT   and here is another Using GIT for WordPress development  and this Adding GIT to your WordPress development workflow

Anyone know of any other articles worth reading?


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