Rapidweaver Themes Tutorial

For those RW fans out there, I found this tutorial on creating and modifying RW themes

Rapidweaver Themes Tutorial.

now if I can just find one for RW plug ins I’m in business 😉

2 thoughts on “Rapidweaver Themes Tutorial

  1. oh well, it shows you the door but you have to walk thru…

    I am not going to use this tutorial to tell you how to make theme modifications, but felt it was important for you to know that it could be done and where you do it. If you want to learn more about editing your theme you can:
    Check out Karn’s tutorial on theme editing here
    Consider enrolling in Rapidweaver Classroom: this is an excellent – but fee based – visual learning site for Rapidweaver or check out Supportcasts.
    Finally, if you really want to dig into theme modification, here is a link to buy Sundog’s book on the topic …a really comprehensive education on using CSS to modify themes.

    and now, back to The Continuum of Themes!


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